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EU Gate of CDPE

 H2020   erasmus+ School Twinnings e-twinning

Chania Directorate of Primary Education (CDPE) is consisted of pre-elementary and elementary schools of Chania Prefecture. CDPE has its own legal identity and is providing graduation certificates of pre-elementary and elementary education in underage students aged between 4-12 years old.

EU Activities

Our Servuces
Erasmus+ KA2 Quality-3c Child
Pre-Primary Education

Erasmus+ KA2 multirateral project concerning good practices in Pre-Primary Education

Erasmus+ KA2 CREATEskills

Erasmus+ multirateral project concerning STEM applications in Primary Education

Find out more about teachers of our region related to e-twinning good practices

CDPE & e-Twinning 
Open Calls & Available Partners

find out more by visiting our page, regularly updated with announcements and refferences concerning training oportunities

Support Consulting

CDPE is associated to External Advisory Team and supoports EU services for the needs of the local Teracher Community

EU & Local School Community

CDPE School Community is implicated in EU activities by e-twinning, school-twinning, International Training Networks for Teachers and erasmus+ Initiatives

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